an hour ago News Quiz for May 25, 2024
an hour ago Trump Voters Don't Just Expect Higher Inflation---They Get It Too
an hour ago The Great AI Challenge: We Test Which Bot Is Best
an hour ago It's Taylor Swift's World. The Government Is Just Suing Ticketmaster in It.
an hour ago I Regret to Inform You That Sweatpant-Jeans Are Sweeping America
an hour ago Bundle Disney+ and Max? Most TV Watchers Already Do It.
2 hours ago Sen. John Fetterman Finds His Voice After Near-Death Experience
7 hours ago Inside the Rockefeller Clan's Intensifying Feud With Exxon
8 hours ago Welcome to the Pinball Renaissance
8 hours ago The U.S. Built a $320 Million Pier to Get Aid to Gazans. Little of It Has Reached Them.
8 hours ago The Student Who Was Suspended for a Prizewinning AI Tool Fights Back
8 hours ago Last Year We Had 'Barbenheimer.' This Year It's the Summer of Sequels.
8 hours ago Far From the Protests, Some Students Try to Meet in the Middle
8 hours ago Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin Had 'Successful' Follow-Up Medical Procedure
10 hours ago The Lawyer Churning Out Hit Novels Makes Her Biggest Splash Yet
11 hours ago Judge Rejects Alec Baldwin's Bid to Drop Criminal Charge in 'Rust' Shooting Published
12 hours ago U.K. retail sales slipped 2.3% in April compared with a month earlier, more sharply than forecast.
12 hours ago The S&P 500 and Nasdaq rose for the fifth straight week while the Dow snapped a weekly winning streak that had lasted since mid-April.
12 hours ago Norway's sovereign-wealth fund will vote against the re-election of Exxon Mobil director Joseph Hooley, opposing a move it says undermines shareholder rights.
12 hours ago Kabosu, the Shiba Inu dog who became an internet meme and mascot of the cryptocurrency dogecoin, died. Published
12 hours ago Eli Lilly will spend $5.3 billion to boost manufacturing capacity for its anti-obesity drug Zepbound and cousin diabetes drug Mounjaro.
12 hours ago E.l.f. Beauty is increasing its marketing investment to 25% of net sales in its fiscal 2024 from 7% in fiscal 2019.
12 hours ago Alibaba plans to raise $4.5 billion through a convertible-bond issue to fund share repurchases.
12 hours ago Ukraine hit a Russian military complex in Crimea with long-range missiles that were provided by the U.S.
12 hours ago The U.S. and its allies are moving toward an agreement on a novel financing plan that would provide Ukraine with up to $50 billion.
12 hours ago The U.N.'s highest court ordered Israel to halt military operations that could lead to the complete or partial destruction of the Palestinian population in the Gaza city of Rafah.
12 hours ago The union representing Canadian border agents voted to go on strike, posing a risk to billions of dollars in daily trade between the U.S. and Canada.
12 hours ago Gang members in Haiti have killed two American missionaries and a Haitian director they worked with, the Missions in Haiti group said.
12 hours ago Families of children killed in the 2022 mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, sued the maker of Call of Duty videogames, Instagram and an AR-15 rifle manufacturer, accusing them marketing military-style semiautomatic guns to minors.
12 hours ago Died: Morgan Spurlock, "Super Size Me" documentarian, 53.
12 hours ago Vol. 37, No. 5: Faroe Islands
12 hours ago Whistleblowers, Yachts and Lawyers: FTX Examiner's Key Takeaways
12 hours ago Alvin Bragg Hasn't Proved His Case in the Trump Trial
12 hours ago Another Anti-Israel Ruling in The Hague
12 hours ago Justice Alito's Latest Vexing Vexillology
12 hours ago Kenya's Rise to 'Major Non-NATO Ally'
12 hours ago Northwestern's Deal With Campus Antisemites
12 hours ago Northwestern's Deal With Antisemites
13 hours ago Uvalde Families Allege Gun Maker Marketed Via 'Call of Duty,' Instagram
13 hours ago Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin to Have Follow-Up Medical Procedure Published
13 hours ago Gildan Names Glenn Chamandy as President and CEO
13 hours ago The WSJ Dollar Index Falls 0.2% to 99.52
13 hours ago Uvalde Victims' Families Allege Gun Maker Advertised to Shooter Through Instagram, Call of Duty
13 hours ago UAW Files Objections To Mercedes-Benz Unionization Vote Published
13 hours ago Ryan Gosling Brought the Fun Back to Movies. He's Just Getting Started.
14 hours ago GameStop Raises $933 Million from Past Week of Stock Sales
14 hours ago The 'Effortless Style' of Celebrities Isn't Effortless At All. These Tips Make It Close.
14 hours ago S&P 500, Nasdaq Rise to Finish Week
14 hours ago The Score: Target, Nvidia, Live Nation and More Stocks That Defined the Week
14 hours ago America's Presidential Election Dilemma
14 hours ago Open Borders Produced the Biden Economic Boom
14 hours ago Alabama Sues to Stop California's Climate-Change Power Grab
14 hours ago Need Home Reno Inspiration? Visit These Remodeled Historic Hotels
14 hours ago 'I Always Make Sure He Has a Flag'
14 hours ago Summer Books: Our Guide to the Best Reading of the Season
14 hours ago Nasdaq, S&P 500 Rise After a Rocky Week of Trading
15 hours ago World on a String (Saturday Crossword, May 25)
15 hours ago Rows Garden (Saturday Variety Puzzle, May 25)
15 hours ago 4 Bread Knives Actually Worth the Price
15 hours ago Notable & Quotable: Biden's Farewell Address
15 hours ago The Wildly Popular Men's Shirt to Avoid Now: 'It's the Generic Go-To' For Finance Guys
15 hours ago U.S. Natural Gas Futures End Week With a Loss
16 hours ago Remember When Biden Was Going to Unite Us?
16 hours ago Jamie Dimon Is Massively Underpaid as CEO
16 hours ago The Media and the Quickest Way to End a War
16 hours ago Is a Real Debate Too Much to Ask?
16 hours ago Congress Could Use Some Intelligence
16 hours ago Ralph Nader Gets the Blame
16 hours ago SPDR Gold Shares Flat to Close Week
17 hours ago 'The Well-Connected Animal' Review: Secrets of Social Creatures
17 hours ago 'The Light Eaters' Review: Learning To Think Like a Plant
17 hours ago Perugino's Sumptuously Painted Room
17 hours ago Two American Missionaries Killed by Haitian Gang Published
18 hours ago Canada Border Agents Threaten June Strike, Risking Billions in Cross-Border Trade
18 hours ago 'The Notebooks of Sonny Rollins' Review: The Last Giant of Jazz
18 hours ago Nasdaq Rises After a Rocky Week of Trading
18 hours ago 'Enlightenment' Review: Turning Eyes to the Heavens
18 hours ago 'And Then? And Then? What Else?' Review: The Lens of Lemony Snicket
18 hours ago 'Super Size Me' Director Morgan Spurlock Dies at 53 Published
18 hours ago 'Paradise of the Damned' Review: Dreams of El Dorado
18 hours ago I Made a Master of Calm Fly Coach to Orlando, Here's What He Taught Me
18 hours ago Gildan Focus Now Turns to Growth With New Board, Former CEO's Expected Reinstatement
18 hours ago 'The Demon of Unrest' Review: The Seeds of Civil War
18 hours ago The Dreamiest Way to See Paris? In Couture, Wearing Flats
18 hours ago Copper Hits Brakes On Upward Trend
18 hours ago 'Vanishing Act' Review: The Doolittle Raid's Side Quest
18 hours ago The 'Home Alone' House Is Back on the Market After 12 Years
19 hours ago 'Liberty's Grid' Review: An American Landscape
19 hours ago 'Work, Fight, or Play Ball' Review: On the Diamond, Out of the Trenches
19 hours ago Outdoor Designs That Will Turn Your Patio Into a Ritzy Resort
19 hours ago 'When Women Ran Fifth Avenue' Review: The Queens of Fashion
19 hours ago 'The Last of His Kind' Review: Clayton Kershaw's Journey
19 hours ago 'Liberation Line' Review: Engines of Victory
19 hours ago Buyback Spree Adds Fuel to European Stock Rally
19 hours ago 'Sailing Alone' Review: Solo at Sea
19 hours ago Norway's Oil Fund to Vote Against Exxon Mobil Amid Shareholder Rights Concern
19 hours ago The Secret Ballot Meant Victory for Mercedes-Benz Workers
19 hours ago Civil Rights and Antisemitism at Columbia
19 hours ago 'The Inner Game of Tennis' Review: The Court in Your Mind
19 hours ago 'Skies of Thunder' Review: Flying Over the Himalayas
19 hours ago Fiction: 'The Banana Wars' by Alan Grostephan
19 hours ago 'The Race to the Future' Review: From Peking to Paris
19 hours ago 'The Race to the Future' Review: From China to Paris
19 hours ago What Our Brains Know About Stocks---But Won't Tell Us
19 hours ago No, College Sports Aren't Over. But They'll Never Be the Same.
19 hours ago 'A Walk in the Park' Review: Grand Canyon Odyssey
19 hours ago 'Same As It Ever Was' Review: Her Own Worst Enemy
19 hours ago 'Revolusi' Review: How Indonesia Won Independence
19 hours ago Canada Retail Sales Fell 0.2% in March, Recovered in April
19 hours ago Mysteries: Harry Dolan's 'Don't Turn Around'
19 hours ago Summer Cookbooks: Feasts Fit for a Toothpick
20 hours ago 'Lies and Weddings' Review: Never Rich Enough For Mom
20 hours ago Humanity Shouldn't Be Afraid to Say Hello to Aliens
20 hours ago ESG Roundup: Market Talk
20 hours ago Children's Books: 'Good Night, Good Beach'
20 hours ago 'Kimsooja: Meta-Painting' Review: Brilliance in Many Forms
20 hours ago U.N. Court Orders Israel to Halt Some Military Operations in Rafah Published
20 hours ago U.S. Data Remains Supportive of Dollar
21 hours ago Why I Need My Own Chatbot to Deal With Customer-Service Chatbots
21 hours ago Five Best: Books on Diasporas
21 hours ago S&P 500 Opens Higher After Rocky Week of Trading
21 hours ago Natural Gas Futures Lose Ground Ahead of Long Weekend
21 hours ago 'Espresso': Intensity and Heat, in a Drink or a 'Song of the Summer'
21 hours ago Eli Lilly to Spend $5.3 Billion to Make More Mounjaro, Zepbound
21 hours ago Week Ahead for FX, Bonds: U.S. and Eurozone Inflation, China PMIs in Focus
22 hours ago Britain to World: Don't Let What Happened to Us Happen to You
23 hours ago U.S., Europe Near Deal on Novel Funding Plan for Ukraine
23 hours ago Sony's Entertainment Unit Syncs Up for Success, Paramount or Not
23 hours ago See Inside the St. Barts Villa With the Most Photo-Worthy Pool
23 hours ago Citi Isn't the Only One With a Fat Finger Problem
23 hours ago The Shiba Inu Who Became the Face of Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Preferred Napping
23 hours ago Kabosu, the Beloved Face of Dogecoin, Has Died. Here's Her Surprising Backstory
23 hours ago Today's Logistics Report: Rock's Sustainable Trucking Journey; Boeing's Costly Supply Chain Woes
23 hours ago Ozempic Slows Kidney Disease, Novo Nordisk Study Finds
23 hours ago The French Open's Dilemma: How to Say Au Revoir to Rafa Nadal?
23 hours ago Stock Market Today: S&P 500, Nasdaq Futures Rise
23 hours ago Copper Prices Rise, Finding Stability After Short Squeeze
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